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The Fastest Ship

By Larita Arnold

ISBN  1-4116-3950-2

Lulu Press


Pages: 220

Historical Romance/Suspense Fiction

Right from the beginning, Arnold sweeps her readers into a mystery…amnesia has struck Elena Williams, and the unraveling to jar her memory begins. We soon discover her lack of memory came about from a revengeful kidnapping in retaliation for another man’s loss. Along the way, it becomes clear she is with child and a hero comes to redeem her honor, Captain Jack Ashbury of the HMS Griswald, the man who found and saved her.


The story begins in London, England 1859 and takes us back and forth through various periods, each part revealing the intertwined stories of various characters.


Without a past recollection, the crew of the Griswald gives the young woman whom they have come to love and admire, a new name, Angelica. With each passing day, Jack Ashbury falls deeper in love with Angelica and finally proposes to her. One promise, which heightens the read, is the vow he makes to her; to find and seek revenge on the man who tortured her, the pirate McGwyer. This part kept my interest and curiosity to find out what was going to happen.


The interwoven lives of Miss Arnold’s characters drive the plot forward in almost a diary-like entry.


The Fastest Ship is a fascinating trip to the past, taking you to the high seas, with a few historical facts thrown here and there on the craftsmanship of these fine boats constructed in this era. Larita Arnold’s does an amazing job with her writing voice to bring this book to life, weaving mystery and romance for a complete and satisfying read.

Lea Schizas - Muse Book Reviewer
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