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Where Are My Christmas Presents?
by J. G. Rives
published by Sterli Publishing
Genre: Children's Book
Illustrated by Dot Young
ISBN: 978-0-9790014-0-6
Pages: 44
Price: $17.95US

Remember as a child, the excitement we'd feel come Christmas morning? Now imagine running to the Christmas tree only to presents!
This is exactly what young Edgar discovers after a jubilant spree from his bed, a mad dash to get dressed, and a quiet exit from his bedroom to a disapppointing discovery.
Does he mope? Not Edgar! He sets out on a quest to find his Christmas presents. Bundling up, Edgar begins his journey outdoors, and along the way he learns exactly what the Christmas spirit is all about.
A dellightful and visually appealing picture storybook. Heartwarming and although the background is set in Christmas, what Edgar will discover about 'having the spirit' can be attributed throughout their lives. A great read.
I recommen parents to read along with their child and discuss Edgar's adventure.

                      *GREAT RERose, LargeADRose, Large
Rose, Large 

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