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Genre:  Juvenile Fiction

Title:  God, When Will You Answer My Prayers?

Author:  Patty Cakes

Publisher:  Outskirts Press, Inc.

ISBN:  1-59800-272-4

Pages:  46

Price: $17.95


Samantha the dog lives with her human parents, but she’s not always very happy.  She sees other dogs that have loving parents, and she wishes her parents could be like that, too.


One day she’s introduced to the concept of prayer, and she prays for her human parents to love her.  What she doesn’t expect is that God answers prayers very differently than she wants them to be answered, and the end results can be even better than she could expect.


This is a simple children’s story about answered prayer.  At one point the author digresses into a small sermon on following Biblical rules, which really has nothing to do with the story.  But mostly it’s about how Samantha learns about God and how to ask for what she needs.


While the book has a sweet ending, the plot was a bit too simple.  The story might have been helped by some more tension or an additional complication.  It felt like her prayers were answered a little too quickly, maybe giving children a false impression of how easy it is to get what they pray for.



Muse Review Mark:  Good


Reviewer: Alice Berger, Muse Reviews


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