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A Host of Ghosts 

Written by: Jim Gilbert

Reviewed by: Christine I Speakman

Publisher:  eTreasures Publishing

Genre: Paranormal/Humour <?> 

ISBN:  0-9740537-9-1

Pages: 247 

Price: Paperback $9.99


4 out of 4 roses








“A Host of Ghosts” is brilliant.  It is hilarious.  It is a non-stop can’t-put-down won’t-put-down beaut of a read.


I don’t care what you read; you need “A Host of Ghosts” in your collection.


Sam’s son, Peter, commands ghosts.  He sees them; he hears them; he can make them do what he wants…sorta.  Sam, well, he’s a little freaked over his son’s abilities.  And, due to a small misunderstanding…okay, so others tend to get a little nervous seeing ghosts it’s still not Peter’s fault…they purchased the MacIntosh House.  The ‘haunted’ MacIntosh House.  Hey, Sam should have checked it out before buying it.


Now, Sam’s woken up by Captain (pirate) John MacIntosh’s devil-dog, MacDuff…all right, the dog’s ghost.  Then again Sam’s earning money but turning the Captain’s swashbuckling stories into best-selling novels.  And, Mary’s a pretty good cook and babysitter…even if she walks through walls.  The other ‘guests’ tend to look after the house as well.  What’s a little mischief, every now and again.


Don’t ask.  Just get your copy of “A Host of Ghosts” and read Sam and Peter’s life with ghosts.  Like, how to have the best haunted house at Halloween.  How to compromise with ghosts – keeping ghosts away from the living guests.    How to cook with ghosts, and still have good tasting food.  How to settle ghost disputes.  How to introduce your girlfriend to your ghosts.


With his own brand of engaging understated wit, Sam, himself, narrates his and Peter’s tale.


Thank you, Mr. Gilbert, well done; you kept me up all night with “A Host of Ghosts.”




Christine Speakman - Muse Book Reviewer


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