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Title: In The Mood

Author: Paul Hupton /

Genre: Mystery/Suspense

Release Date: May 2007

Publisher: Author House

ISBN Paperback: 978-1-4259-8251-5; $12.80

POS Website:



A dispirited police detective becomes embroiled in a small town crime. The simple investigation quickly links to a 1953 orphanage arson fire, attempting to conceal fraud and child abuses. One of the men thought to have died in the fire is discovered 30 years later in a bridge’s column, constructed in the early 1960’s.  Piecing together all the leads and evidence, this emotionally strained detective not only uncovers a murderer but unearths information he wishes never have disturbed.


After his partner’s untimely demise during a sting operation, Philip Graves, Detective Inspector for the Metro Police suffers a break down. Even six months later he still endures a reoccurring nightmare. His boss arranges a working leave of absence in Phil’s small home town of Willenbury, but is called there sooner when his father is seriously assaulted. As an officer from New Scotland Yard, the rural police station is more than pleased to have Phil’s expertise in investigating his father’s attack.


In The Mood is a natural “who-dun-it” that steadily builds momentum. The suspenseful groundwork for a thought provoking mystery is created though accumulated evidence and witnesses confirming or disavowing a three decades old crime.  Once he arrives in WIllenbury, Phil learns that his father is working a case with the police, although having retired a year ago. Clearly someone does not like what could be exposed. Stepping in where his dad left off, Phil pieces together information that steers him towards a tale that challenges his wherewithal and suspicious mind.


Engaging genuine characters breathe life into this fluid crime story. Phil shows a relentless tenacity, rummaging through Ministry of Defense archives, old Naval libraries, County Engineers offices, while interviewing a multitude of now elderly witnesses. Through these channels the bridge column victim has a name, Robert Benson. However, also popping up with Benson are three old Navy buddies; Jeff Woollsey, Jack Turnberry and Charles Grundy. After being discharge by the Navy for improper conduct, all four men gain employment at Harrington Orphanage. Here their victims are easily accessible to inflict vile acts upon those left in their charge.


Mr. Hupton orchestrates the mystery smoothly and brilliantly, captivating the reader with a plot that is well defined and organized. Phil methodically unveils long buried secrets, detailing the atrocities of these four men, and the lives they touched. Their detestable remnants include an abandoned daughter still craving her father’s unreciprocated love. Wives still stunned even decades later by their husbands’ abrupt departure, explained only through an unemotional farewell note. The greatest suffering lingers with the twin boys born during that fateful week where they lost both parents to the ravages of war. Separated at birth, one remembers only loving parents, whereas the other twin remembers shame, fear, pain and… four men.


An appealing story, In The Mood keeps the reader entranced with chilling scenes and charismatic characters. Mystery lovers will thoroughly enjoy this book and will place it securely on the “keeper” shelf. Also, Detective Inspector Philip Graves returns in The Schutstaffel Array, a sequel Mr. Hupton has in production still. Can’t wait!


Pamela Jenewein - Muse Book Reviewer


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