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A Do-It-Yourself Guide To Promoting Easy And Cheap!
Episode 1 of 30
Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Marilyn Peake
Allyn Evans

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ISBN: DDP00000001QP
Genre: Self Help - Non-Fiction
Audio Duration: 60 Minutes
Published: November 2005

Can't attend a workshop? Then Audio Classes for Writers presented by Kathe Gogolewski, Carolyn Howard-Johnson, Marilyn Peake, Joyce Faulkner, and Allyn Evans as the class moderator, will automatically transport you to a virtual workshop.
These classes are inspirational and motivating. Each instructor gives you their own personal accounts on how they successfully promote their own books to their readers.
These audio books represent a new turn in the writing world, one where ebooks were thought of as a 'fad' and 'won't be here for very long'; these classes will demonstrate the enormous power of a writer's will to absorb new techniques and methods to enhance his/her own writing.
The very first audio class is presented FREE by Double Dragon Publishing, to offer a taste of what's to come in the next 29 audio classes to be produced throughout the course of this year.
Some of the topics they will be covering are:
Podcasting – How to Podcast to Promote Your Book
Part One: Blogging – How to Promote Your Books in a Personal Blog
Using Your Senses to Tell a Story – Showing Over Telling
Visualization in Writing – How to Train Yourself to "See" the World You Want to Create
Radio: A Do-It Yourself Guide to Promoting Easy and Cheap!
Queries and Media Releases – How to Write Yours to Stand Out Above the Others
and so much more. Every writer, regardless of experience, will benefit by these audio books. At times, all a writer needs is to hear other writers' successes to get them back in the game, or a simple push in the right direction. Along with their experience, the instructors offer links to further aid you in your writing path.
Personally, my reaction was elation. Although I have communicated with each of these ladies in the past, to actually hear them speak to 'me' made their message and lesson clearer to me, creating a 'get up and promote' feeling within. Reading on promotion and writing offers a writer a means to reread and paste the ongoing learning aspect we writers need to fulfill in order to continue educating ourselves on how to better our work. Listening to these audio classes gives you an automatic gratification and new sense that you are not alone.
I highly recommend these audio books for everyone, regardless of the genre you write in.
The first audio class entitled A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Promoting Easy and Cheap! is free in MP3 format at DDP -
Lea Schizas - Muse Book Reviewer
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