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Title: The Phoenix
Author: Ruth Sims
ISBN: 1932133402
Format: Print
Genre: gay -- historical (Victorian) fiction, m/m, romance
Page length -- 353
Publisher: The Writers' Collective
Author website:

Kit St. Denys says of himself, "I was born Jack Rourke. My mother was a whore and my father was a monster. I was a thief. I was good at it."

The adoring theatre world of the 1890's knows nothing of his violent youth. They see only the great actor-brilliant, handsome, seductive. They can't see behind the charm to the frightened boy with a terrifying secret that could send him to the gallows. When his past catches up with him, Kit spirals into madness and only the stalwart love of one man, can save him.  And to save him, Nick Stuart must make a great sacrifice.


Witch Ember
Genre:  Dark Fantasy
Page Length:  331
Story Blurb:
In the days when gods walked the earth and the clay of Man was still wet, a Stone of Power was shattered. From that day forward, all humankind carried a piece. Most have just a little--just the tiniest speck of dust--but some have one of the bigger grains--or even a pebble--and they are the most powerful of sorcerers.
In the paranoid, magically-barren lands of the Seven Kingdoms, the street urchin Esmeree is born to carry a stone of unprecedented size and power. As she struggles to survive the unforgiving streets of Cliffs Reach, she endeavors to master the sorcery of her stone and understand its purpose. But time is running out for her for others have discovered her skills and seek to use or destroy her. The Inquisition, the Superbus Tyrannus, the Primate of the Holy Median church. Esmeree must determine her own path, or she will die their slave.
Publisher:  Publish America
Author Website:








The Fireborn Chronicles
by Mary Andrews





The Charon Covenant explores what a new society of humans, relocated to the moon (known as Earth II) would look like and shows how even if humans don't destroy each other from within that there's an alien force eager to subjugate us. The vital question posed here is: What would you do if you discovered you couldn't trust your government, your neighbor, or your own brother as you accidentally uncover an ugly truth that turns your world upside down? What if saving humanity were in your hands - just what would you be willing to risk or do?


The Raven
Genre:  Dark Fantasy
Page Length:  618
  Guiromelans is a knight, a sacred paladin, seeking nothing more than to obey the commandments of God. But when God betrays him and allows a hells-
condemned witch to defeat him in battle, he is forced to reexamine his faith. What did he do to merit such disgrace? What can he do to atone for his sins?

 Facing challenges both of the flesh and of the soul, Guiromelans begins a pilgrimage across the known world. In search of redemption and forgiveness, he discovers the true meaning of God's will.






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