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Garden City


Written by Jamieson Wolf

Reviewed by Christine I Speakman



ISBN None (self published)

Copyright November, 2006

Genre  Fantasy/Fiction

Snippets from a poet’s dreams and a city’s people.


Jamieson Wolf writes like a poet.  His short stories read like prose…tender, heart-breaking.  There’s a wistful feel to most of the stories in “Garden City.”  Where some stories can be read as ‘real’ others need the reader to believe in the fantasy of myths.  Not a bad combination of tales.


So, why am I slightly unsatisfied?  Two thoughts come to mind: 1) A couple of stories were too erotic for this collection.  I was jarred away from the collection's overall feel…the atmosphere that had been built up from the first story.  I’m not a prude nor phobic in any way; however, these stories would have done better in a different collection.  No matter how beautifully they were written or how good it is to jump start your reader.  2) Some stories needed more, just as my reader appetite was working up the story ended.  Yes, the endings were well placed…for such short work…but a longer story would have been appreciated, let alone the story itself deserved a longer more detail telling.


However, I enjoyed Jamieson Wolf’s writing very much.  He struck a cord within me that pulls me to poetry and lyrical prose.  For anyone who loves the actual feel of words and enjoys fantasy, I do believe you will enjoy this collection.


Below are just a few of the story’s tales and my quick thoughts.  Just because I don’t mention a title doesn’t mean I didn’t like it, just lack of space.



‘Times Malaise’ - interesting family of sisters, characters’ voices extremely clear


‘Family Magic’ – our path lies in our blood


‘Boozehound’ – same coin different view


‘Emily’s Skeleton’ – tell my story, please


‘Bus of the Dead’ – even the living can be dead


‘Pandora’s Box” – needs to be a longer story, I want a longer story.  Intriguing tale of a known tale


‘Dim’ – pulled me from collection, disturbed me, well written just doesn’t feel right in totality of collection


‘People Watching’ – beautifully written male/male erotica, and I don’t like erotica of any sort.  Again, doesn’t fit in the totality of the collection.  Took me out of collection.


‘Realities Real’ – it’s definite, I’m never going to watch ‘Big Brother’ the same way ever again.


‘Crow Dreams Vibrant’ – More.  I want a longer version; more story could and should be told with this one.



Jamieson Wolf, well done.  I won’t soon forget your name or voice.  Thank you.


Christine I. Speakman - Muse Book Reviewer


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