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Title: Teeth

Author: Marcus Damanda / Author Website:

Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

Publisher: Outskirts Press

Release Date: July 2007

ISBN Hardback: 978-1-4327-0698-2; $23.95

ISBN Paperback: 978-1-4327-0680-7; $16.95

ISBN eBook: 978-1-4327-0698-2; $5.00

POS Website:








While attempting to escape the town bullies, a teenage boy encounters a deadly group of supernaturals. Are they his salvation or just another group of people who also want to physically torture him? Whoever these people are, they quickly discover that this is a formidable teen as he takes out a member of their family.


Art and reading provide Nicholas an escape from the misery of an abusive father, alcoholic mother and a town of young people who despise him. Through another’s gallant act his life changes forever. While running from his tormenters Nicholas meets Alexis Damworth, saving him from just another beating. He is awed by the beautiful girl’s selfless deed. With the help of innocent bystanders Alexis distracts Nicholas’ pursuers and like puppets they obey her command to ravage the tormenters. As quickly as she enters his life she leaves, not before clearing the carnage she incited. Alexis’ parting comment that he is “interesting” has him drowning in waves of young love.


The Cabal is a strict order of supernaturals who possess aberrant skills normally not associated with vampirism. Separated from their Oregon based Cabal family, this motley crew of young immortals consists of five: Casper, Reggie, Cheryl, Summer, Kaldabbas and Alexis. Their immaturity tends to rule decisions and actions so Casper, their leader, keeps a tight reign on his siblings by exacting firm but swift discipline. Like Alexis’ aiding a human while openly brandishing her skills jeopardizes the family’s safety. She violated their “silent and unseen” creed. Casper is also aware of Alexis’ attraction to Nicholas, though still orders her punishment… kill the boy.


A refreshing twist on a vampire theme Teeth captivates as the suspenseful story unveils a family of supernaturals transforming a peaceful suburban town into a war zone. Their assaults start off slowly, kidnapping two to three people at a time. Two little pin pricks on the neck are for those “faint-of-heart” vampires. These demonic beasts perform a gruesome blood letting ritual on all their captives, sometimes allowing the victim to die slowly – drip by bloody drip. Yet, once finished they leave no visible trace behind.


Mr. Damanda creates brutal, chilling paranormal characters whose essence draws the reader deeper into this highly entertaining story. As for the human cast, they are solely there to feed the blood thirsty crew. The high paced action continues as a battered Nicholas, under his father’s hand, runs away from home, wholly intent on staying away permanently. This makes him an easy target for the Family to eliminate him, since Alexis could not do the job. Assaulting Nicholas in the woods and even in his werewolf form, Kaldabbas is defeated by a mortal boy.


If not for the explicit sex and several “f” words that parents may find offensive, Teeth is a perfect young adult book. The youthful cast who defeat an aged (adult) establishment invites those sixteen to eighteen year old readers. Also, Nicholas’ inherited disease that ignites ridicule from family, school mates, and others address the harsh realities of an influential cast system, shunning anyone who is “different”.


A self published novel, Teeth by Marcus Damanda entertains, thrills, and enthralls readers with grisly horror, sweet romance, while defining another fine line of good verses evil. This is not a typical vampire novel, oh no… Teeth has a much bigger… BITE!

                                      3 1/2 ROSES
                     *GREAT RERose, LargeADRose, Large
Rose, Large 

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